Design & Print

Design & Print

With over thirty years design and print experience, this is where it all started. From branding and flyers to catalogues and hardback books, we have designed and printed anything and everything.

Print media marketing is not dead- it’s just different. Digital marketing has created a world of five second attention spans and instant gratification. Print connects with our senses of sight, touch and sometimes smell. We have clients and customers who print off their digital publications to read. Print can be a highly effective use of marketing budget when targeted correctly. We can advise of the best way to achieve this.

There was a saying in the print industry- ‘choose any 2 from 3- price, delivery, quality’. You can forget that- we provide all three as standard. Try us and see for yourself. For further information please contact


Pappillon Design and Print are based in Fairford in the beautiful Cotswolds and provide a full range of creative and design services to businesses of all sizes.
Corporate Branding &
Logo Design
Magazines and Brochures
Training Materials
Stationery E-Brochures and E-Marketing material
Pop up Banners and POS
Signage- any size.


We have access to the latest technology and equipment to ensure your printed collateral is produced to the highest quality in the most cost effective manner. With over thirty years of print production experience we can safely say- ‘we know print’. Our chosen suppliers range from local digital and lithographic printing houses to operations overseas- Eastern Europe, Asia and USA. Depending on the print project, we will source the least cost provider who operate to our quality standards in line with ISO 12647-2.

Fulfillment and Mailing

Our Fulfillment and mailing operation based in Swindon, Wiltshire can handle jobs of any size and number of components. We offer data cleaning (using Royal Mail's PAF software) and de-duplication, letter and label laser-print, address ink-jetting, envelope supply and overprint, poly-wrapping as well as hand or machine fulfillment.